Day 871: Stay Human


Tonight I watched a movie Human while riding a bicycle.
Many humans interviewed on this movie talked of love.
I met the girl depicted here in a hospital. I don’t know her story, just met her once. Normally when I walk into a kids room at the hospital there is some hesitation as to why I’m there and who I’m with. Katlyn had some tunes cranked up and a whole array of makeup spread all over the place. She said something to me like, “Sup?” I think I just smiled and entered. She said she wasn’t interested in doing an iPad painting with me. After seeing all the portraits I’ve done we decided to do one of her, after her make up was ready (of course). So after maybe 2-3 hours and many funny exchanges we were set. I’ve since messaged back and forth with her. All told, she strikes me as a positive and happy person. I hope to have accurately conveyed her light.

She chose to show up as her awesome self, even under the constraints of an otherwise stale hospital room. If nothing else, feel as if I have the freedom to show up as authentic Freddie more now — after meeting her. It is always my choice. I love going into the hospital and just being there. Feel like I can be myself. I love connecting with others and sharing my passion for creativity. Children especially are much more open to exploration. They just love to jump in and start painting. I find this simple life of children most often doesn’t contain this choice — they are just happy, with who they are and with life. Society today tells most to grow up, move out, get married and be responsible. This is why I love the work that I do. It encourages the child (and me) to focus on something positive and imaginative; and I think we are both better through this.

As far as this style and pace, I’m liking it much better with painting most days yet not posting. It allows me to contemplate and think more on a piece before moving along. Ultimately it seems just to make sense. I hope you enjoy it too.

Painted on iPad with ArtRage

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