Day 730: Home


I’m tired and I want to go home
To my cabin and stove in the woods
Be it brown water or sour mash, my heart desires
I’m tired and I want to go home

For it my pursuits lunge me forward, the body cracks in the sun
Quitting smacks a country boy’s pride, yet it lies true
I’m tired and I want go home


Daily iPad painting is one of the more arduous tasks undertaken. It is gruesome and brutal yet endlessly entertaining and invigorating. Here on my 2nd anniversary, I look back to see and understand. I’ve found that I’m special, still trying to figure if that is good or not. Definitely understand and accept that I don’t fit in, and am starting to be ok with that. It does feel good to work towards one of my life goals, whether achieved it or not. Happiness for me is found in doing, moving, and taking action. And to that, here’s to another healthy 2 years and hopefully 50 more (which by the way would be 19,710 paintings).



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