Day 724: Sunset with Raaz


I was lost in the woods for about 5 hours, well not really lost because I knew where I was and how to get out but not certain how to get where I was suppose to be, with my buddies at this shelter on the Appalachian Trail. I eventually after day dreaming about waterfalls and shadows, decided to get my act together and figure this thing out (plus it was going to be below freezing last night). I knew my friends were worried of my whereabouts and it was such a great feeling to be reunited there in the middle of the woods. Raaz as our fearless leader especially was overcome with joy. We set up camp and proceeded to take in this view. My friend asked me to paint this beauty that we all took in as the joy from the events of the day set in.


at Standing Indian Mountain, Glassmine Gap, Appalachian Trail.


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