Day 699: Many Questions


Ellie: “Why are you painting me?”
Me: “Paintings make me feel happy (and seems like I’m doing something with my life). Paintings of you my dear, feel especially important.”
Ellie: “You paint a lot. Why do you do that?”
Me: “The idea was by painting every day it forces me to constantly practice as well as helps get my name out “there”. I want to sell a painting for $100,000.”
Ellie: “Jeesh! That’s a lot of money. Why don’t you do paintings of really rich people (as opposed to me) like that lady down the street that has the really big house that you did the painting of and dropped it off at her house.”
Me: “I could and I will, I just like to do paintings of you sometimes too. I love your spirit and that you are so creative and also do paintings like me on the iPad.”


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