Day 470: Denver Fathers


5.00 out of 5

painted on my iPad

I was rolling through Denver on my bicycle. Exploring. Quite nice. Equally impressive as the sites, were the awesome people. Everyone is happy. Smiling.
So, I biked by this dad doing his daughter’s hair. As a single father (esp one without any hair), I felt like I could relate to this situation. I was compelled to stop and strike up a conversation. They obliged me of a quick conversation and agreed to painting this whole setup and BANG you have day 470. Cool how this stuff works itself out. Feels natural. Feels good.

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  1. James Faircloth
    5 out of 5


    Father’s Day morning Luna and I crushed our annual dads day dozen krispy kremes and then we ventured to the front porch steps to comb and braid her hair…another perfect colorado day.

    This pleasant guy rolls up on his bicycle and tells me he is an iPad artist from North Carolina nearing the end of a colorado adventure. I was intrigued as I’ve never met an iPad artist before nor have I ever seen any iPad art to the best of my knowledge. I’ve seen art on an iPad but iPad art = ?

    So then the smiling iPad artist from North Carolina shares with me that he’s a single dad and seeing me combing my daughters hair, as he was pedaling by, was really touching to him. We talked for a bit and shared some dad stories and little girl hair styling tips. Luna piped up and dropped a few dinosaur names, just to let him know what’s up.

    So then he asks if he could take a picture of us because he would like to “paint us on his iPad”.
    Wait what?
    He just smiled and said if you share your email with me then I will send you a link to my site and let you know when I’m done.
    Your a man of your word Fred Sexton.
    Thank you for introducing us to iPad art and painting our picture.
    This is precious to me.
    Love it. ✌️

    • freddie


      What a beautiful depiction James and thank you for encapsulating this moment in time.
      I’m still working on exercising this muscle, just stepping up and asking people. Most people are pretty open to it, being painted, and like you said if nothing else intrigued. Glad you engulfed that box of sugar and goodness, what a great tradition (might have to borrow it). There is a run I think in Raleigh NC (the home of KK) which incorporates gorging on donuts as part of the run. You guys might consider being that you experts in this discipline 🙂
      Thanks James for being an awesome dad, tackling long and unfamiliar hair and I’m certain many other amazing and beautiful things in life. Stay curious. Keep smiling.

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