Day 237: Lighthouse


I guess this is now becoming my traditional style. The blue background works well against the pink and white highlights. It’s kind of interesting that this is now a “traditional” style for me, like I’m creating my own genre. I wonder after we are cohabiting with aliens in the future if someone else will ever refer to this as “traditional”.

It’s funny how that works. This is kind of my go-to style, what I am really comfortable doing and definitely what I fall back on in a pinch.

The model here is looking kind of off to the left, over her shoulder like off into the distance. I think it is a great piece and I’m really proud of it. I love how I don’t need to draw most of the figure: the model’s body. You can still really get a sense of what is going on and how she’s bending and kind of contorting, especially her upper body and how her legs are bound.


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