Never Give Up

Now, that's a fish!

The Proud FishermanI was over at my friend Paolo’s house the over day to fix some stuff on the Festa Italiana Charlotte site (by the way get your tickets soon). We were going through the normal stuff and like usual I was asking him all the (annoying) questions I normally do. I saw an interesting photo of him and his wife in front of a bright blue house. It was a house that he stayed at on part of his 2 week vacation to the Bahamas which was mainly spent on a large boat his friend was captaining.
We got into more about the details of the trip and Paolo shows me this photo of a fish that he caught. I was thinking about the boat I stayed on my awesome trip to Tortolla and that the boat we were on really wasn’t a fishing boat.

I immediately went into asking about how he caught this fish. As the story goes, he had some spare time on the boat (actually I think this is all you get aside from sun burn) so he got some fishing line, a hook and some meat…and just went to town. Also, sounds like most everyone was poking fun at him too and didn’t think that he could catch anything. He spent a couple days at it, on and off. Eventually something hooked overnight and when they woke up to everyone’s amazement, he noticed that there was a fish on there. He put some thick boat gloves on and wound the line around one of the boat’s sail line thingees. He said it was pretty tough but he could do 1 revolution then take a break, plus I think the fish had been hooked a while thus was a bit tuckered out. Anyrate, he eventually hauled the monster up to the boat and literally grabbed it with his hands and a spear and threw it on board (also looks like he used a rope perhaps from the photo). They didn’t have a grill or anything large enough so they found a shack who prompted de-boned the beast and cooked it up. That has got to be one of the tastiest meals Paolo ever had.

So, if people are poking fun at your hair brained idea, trust yourself and heart. Keep trying and maybe you can feed the entire village too.


by freddie

2 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Adrian says:

    I don't mean to write discouraging comments but this post is not helpful. It's a weak example of persistence and reaping rewards.

    • fredsexton says:

      Adrian – Thanks for your comment. I agree there are many other things are much more persistent than this. But this was on his vacation. I think it speaks well to him as a good person. About reaping rewards, I'm not following you. Are you saying that perhaps he should have worked harder maybe with like a rock to catch the fish?

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