My In Laws

Sally & Don Olin

In laws get a bad wrap. Not sure why this is but people joke that they don’t like theirs and I personally know many that aren’t liked.

Well, I’m different than most and this case is no exception. I absolutely love my in laws.

For instance, as you know Jen and I are expecting our new baby in January.  We have all kinds of baby stuff (mostly given to us by my in laws) that we used when Ellie was just a tiny squirt… clothes, bottle cleaners, blankets etc etc (if you’ve got a kid, you know it’s a lot). Well, we didn’t need this anymore after Ellie got older so we put this stuff into my in laws storage locker. So, we call up Don (my father in law) this past weekend and he instantly agrees to meet us at the storage unit and unload and schlep this stuff across town. And the topper is that Jen’s car was broken so we were already borrowing Don’s car and used it for hauling.

They have both helped me tons with my professional life, being one of my first Mouse & Man clients, participating in the short lived M&M board of advisors, referrals for new business and advice on all kinds of business things that I don’t know but am slowly learning.

Throughout the week they are always asking how they can help. Can they make our lives any easier? How can they help? They are such giving people…so I wanted to publicly give them a small piece back and show how awesome they are. They are caring people. They give so much and have definitely given a ton for me, for that I’ll always be thankful.

…but they are my in laws, so don’t get any crazy ideas. Step off!

In case you don’t know who they are, here are their cute mugs.

by freddie

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