"Fred’s work is so thoughtful and intuitive. His works produce beauty that the viewer can feel. So happy to own some of his works." ~ Sally Olin

Laurie wanted some small updates on her daughter's commission, related to pensiveness (which multiple clients have discussed) as well as right eye sizing and face thinning (which who wouldn't want?)

Chase wanted an anniversary gift for his wife. After discussing, we decided I would paint a piece inspired by the first photo taken of his daughter. Mila apparently loves it and his wife teared up when she saw it. It is my great pleasure and appreciation to be a part of these kinds of celebrations. It's so cool to think that this painting will be seen by their grandchildren. 

"We bought a new house and fixed it up this past year and to commemorate that moment, I asked Fred Sexton to design an original painting of our house. Right away I noticed, Fred took the extra time to understand the project and also the final application, offering important feedback and advice each step of the way. Not only was the painting amazing, it was also incredibly meaningful to our family. If you are looking for an awesome gift for someone special in your life, look no further than original art from Fred Sexton. He was extremely easy to work with and I will be sure to use him again for future paintings." ~ Sam Casey

Betsy - Anniversary present for husband of life memories

"Freddie is a great artist who brings creativity, attention to detail and artistic touch to any piece. He is easy to work with and had great recommendations when I was thinking through what I wanted. He painted a beautiful picture of my grandmother's house! I highly recommend Freddie"
 ~ Heidi Casey // 2017

Matthews, NC