Child Soldiers

by freddie

One thought on “Child Soldiers

  1. Kay Irmiter says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the ones without the guns. The first one with the backdrop of the group of obscured figures, and the one of the child hiding behind the post or tree, and the two you have hanging in the Salon are my favs.

    These photos do not do your paintings justice however. I don’t know if it was the light, or the size or both, but the pic here looks different to me than the one I was mesmerized by at the salon.

    Just a fact, not a criticism of your work. I don’t “smell art” but I do think scale and proximity play into how we see it.

    You should be recognized for these!! Have these ever had a real showing? I am in touch with many in the performing arts but perhaps could have some influence in gaining a showing in a less usual circumstance….like at Blumenthal before an opera or at a patron’s home for an event…..

    If that interests you, get in touch. AND, I still am interested in the works for my own home….more later

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