Charlie Sheen – Craziest Marketer Of All Time?

Seems like the way to get popular in Hollywood is to out crazy the next person. What’s that saying, there is no thing as bad news. 

May I present evidence.
  3. MEL(T) DOWN
Charlie is no doubt doing his hardest to out craze each star above (and any other to date). Here is some evidence of this:






Compare this against 2010’s fastest rising search query (according to Google), Chatroulette:





So, there is no doubt that he is trying his hardest to be really crazy but how fruitful will his efforts become? Does he have a hope of recovering from this amount of self induced craziness?

With this said, how do you quantify each celebrities efficiency in turning craziness into cash? Well, thank you for asking. May I present the Hollywood Craziness Marketing Index (HCMI). This index is calculated as follows:

(increase in salary year following the craze release) / (websites citing the celebrities name related to the craze release)

Here are the 3 high profile HCMIs I could collect from recent years:
  1. Brittany Spears
    Britney-spears-80x801 2011-03-29_13121
    ($8,844,000 – $4,238,604) / 4,110,000 = $1.12* 

    * A simple way to read this is about every website citation Britney got for this craze release, she made an additional $1 on top of what she made the year prior.

  2. David Letterman
    David-letterman-80x801 2011-03-29_13021
    ($45M$45M) / 4,470,000 /  = 0** 

    ** I guess the math doesn’t always work out. Maybe try harder next time? David seemed more sympathetic though, which I think limited his downside.

  3. Tom Cruise
    Tom-cruise-2-80x801 2011-03-29_14141
    ($67M – $31M) / 1,550,000 = $21.94

    Tom is by far (of these three) much more versed in HCMI.
Looks like I’m going to have to limit my stars to only those listed from the Forbes annnal surveys and other high profile sites. I’m finding it difficult to find salary data before a craze release.  I’m thinking I might be on to something though. Not that these incidents are the effect of the being able to find the celebrities salary but I’m thinking it might be a part of the result due to the increased exposure. Maybe there is something here. I need to remember the Freakonomics guys though and how they look into cause and effect.
Charlie_sheen_wild_thing110305 2011-03-29_14301

So, getting back to the case at hand. How do we rank Charlie? What will become of him? I think this is yet to be determined but if history is any predictor of the future, then I’m guessing he’ll bank $380M from this excessive batch of craze, assuming he converts to Scientology like Tom.

As a resource to hopeful crazy celebs out there, I’d like to hear some ideas of how you could out crazy Sheen?


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