Can’t Get a Job?

There are some cool ways I’ve seen out there for getting a job. They go against the grain of the traditional resume submission channels. Seems as if there are still plenty of people out there posting and submitting to Monster and Career Builder but I am not sure that this the most efficient use of a job seeker’s time. This new way to get noticed is much different than just really nice resume paper or cool type font.

I’ve read a couple great posts related to this topic:

I really liked the web page that Loren did here at However, I’m thinking that most people don’t know how to create something as cool as Loren’s site. Now, Loren is a front end web designer so it’s going to be hard to recreate that level of quality from someone who is well… not that talented. However, I wonder if I could create a WordPress theme to make this happen for those people that don’t really know web programming but want to stand out. These are the reasons why I think this might work:

  • WordPress is pretty much usable by anyone with a basic understanding of the Interwebs
  • WordPress is free (outside of hosting)
  • I’ve never created a WordPress theme before and would likely spend a lot of time to perfect it (not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet)
  • Themes can have multiple color/look combinations so that your “personalized hire me page” wouldn’t look exactly like everyone else who is using this theme

In addition to this theme I think if you have maybe a 100 bucks you could create an Adwords ad and target it just to show to people within the company you are targeting AND only when they are searching for their own brand. Heck there are even ‘free’ coupons that Google gives away to get people started with Adwords. This is a bit more detailed though and will be done in another blog.

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