Awesome MS Paint Speed Painting

…and here’s the actual speed painting video from Rainbow Vulnerability


Day 340: My Dad
I create beautiful paintings on my iPad everyday. My mission is to make artwork that inspires others. This video is me painting day 340.

Music by Braden Deal


Day 350: Back Yard Cars

I love learning how things are created. I enjoy watching shows like How It’s Made where you see how random things like tweezers are made. I hope you enjoy watching the process of how I create beautiful artwork on my iPad.

Music by Otodayo Supa:


Day 348: Cafe Monte — Speed Painting


Day 345: Sun — Speed Painting

The reason I saw this sunset is because I helped someone jump start their car after dropping of a couple bikes at Trips For Kids – Charlotte.

Music is Sun from Maxzwell


Day 344: Myers — Speed Painting

Music from the Myers Park High School Jug Band from WSOC’s Kilgo’s Kanteen.


Day 341: Stroll — Speed Painting


Day 337: Running Roots — Speed Painting

Music from the Arthur Smith Show.