Art Commissions


You are unique. Be you a working professional, high tech company, non-profit, single dad…YOU have a story to share.

A custom art commission from Fred Sexton Art will breath new life into your world. This final piece of art will serve as a constant visual reminder to your story, be it a family portrait, corporate art event, or a speed painting video of your dog.

How to Create a More Unique, Energetic, Beautiful Space

If you are seeking traditional acrylics or run of the mill family sketches, I’m sorry but you’ve come to the wrong place. Standard “nice” looking artwork can easily be found. My passion is uniqueness and I scream creative expression mostly via digital means, typically my trusty iPad.

Speed Painting Example (view more)

I am energized to work with exceptional individuals and organizations who see value in telling their story in this unique way.


  1. Browse samples of my past work to ensure it fits your appetite.
  2. We’ll meet to talk about your vision, favorite pizza toppings, story and history, and the details of this potential collaboration.
  3. I’ll submit a proposal based on our conversation with concept drawings, timeline, and budget. If you accept the proposal and sign off, I’ll begin working. 50% of the project budget is paid upfront and 50% upon delivery.
  4. Final work is delivered with the final invoice, a certificate of authenticity and warranty.


Contact Me Today and Let’s Get Creativity Bursting