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So we just got some free tickets to the local circus.  The free is a bit misleading to me after the overpriced parking and stuffed animals marked up 100x. I know you are thinking I’m a horrible Dad for even thinking such horrible things… but this isn’t even the main thing that I’m complaining about.

I had held out going for a long time to the circus until about a year ago my wonderful in laws bought us front row tickets. It was cool and everything seeing the clowns and acrobats jump around and do some really cool stuff. The animals were amazing to watch perform tricks also. Being the animal nut I am though I couldn’t stop thinking what these animals went through in order to get to the point where they could do these awesome tricks.

Just like when I would go to the grocery and pick up some chicken. It looks great and all, packaged under shiny, sanitary plastic wrap but I can’t think what the chicken was like before it got turned in boneless 85/15 tenderloins. Many seem to able to overlook this connection and won’t want to talk with me about it. When I do feel comfortable enough to ask someone if they could kill… say a cow in order to eat a hamburger almost everyone completely deflects from my question, because of what I assume is the overwhelming guilt of the reality of their actions. Of course you wouldn’t kill a helpless cow (this is very detailed), man I sound like a wus writing this don’t I?

So, back to the point of the circus. How could these animals do these amazing tricks? Well after doing a bit of research it looks like although Barnum has tried to make small tweaks in their image, I think they are still pretty mean. Regardless of being cruel to the animals and even if they had a magic way to get the animals to jump through hoops, I’d still feel guilty watching animals jump through hoops knowing circuses are not what they are suppose to do.

by freddie

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