10 Things I Learned at Disney

  1. There are a lot more disabled people in the world that I thought. Glad that they can all get around at Disney. 
  2. Fastpass is awesome but I felt guilty passing people who have been waiting 2 hours to go to the front of the line.
  3. You can’t comprehend how happy a little kid is at seeing the magic kingdom for the first time.
  4. Kids can fall asleep anywhere if they are tired, even on top of you on your shoulders.
  5. The Rainforest Cafe is a crazy place to eat dinner at. Great food and surprisingly apart of our meal plan.
  6. Disney employees are remarkably nice and enjoy their jobs. Everyone from the person who picked Ellie up and sang her happy birthday without asking anything, the hot dog vendor who put magic in our lunch, everyone who said Happy Birthday Ellie when walking by, the hotel maid who gave us stickers when Ellie slammed her hand in the door, the bus driver back to the airport at 6AM this morning who made everyone say we had a good time,
  7. The animal and princess characters are really cool. They all stayed perfectly in character and had quite witty remarks for the parents.
  8. Country Bear Jamboree and A Small World have not changed once in 20 years since I was last there.
  9. Storms in Orlando be crazy. Lock your stroller wheels unless you like to play stroller derby in the rain with hundreds of other strollers.
  10. I cried on the bus ride back to the airport. The little nemo fish story got me. I had an amazing time and am so proud of great family I had to go with me. Learned that I’m madly in love with my kids and family. Thanks to all that made this trip so memorable. Tell next time!

by freddie

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